[WIP] Hitbox Trigger [Driver based]

Information about the cheat
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[WIP] Hitbox Trigger [Driver based]

Post by admin pro hvher » Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:57 pm

We are currently working on our new triggerbot which will be built in the mousedriver you are using, we are using a private exploit to bypass several anti cheats.
We'll test this for a few months before releasing it to make sure no one gets banned, hope you guys enjoy it when the time comes!

More information coming when we release this! See you in FPL ;)

Update 23th January 2020:

Our "betatesters" have been using this on FACEIT Client for two weeks now without any bans, hopefully none will come in the future. We will release this in late february or early march depending on a couple of things.

We are pleased so far with our results and we even have a single "tester" currently playing in FPL-C trying to hit FPL, let's cross our fingers for our guy ;)
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