Information about the server.

How to connect and more
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Information about the server.

Post by admin pro hvher » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:57 pm

SERVER IS PRIVATE AS OF RIGHT NOW, thank the russian kids (:

The server is running 1.14.4 so make sure you're running the same version.
It's a vanilla server with only one plugin installed which is MCMMO to add some extra spiciness.


Do not grief! Griefing will get you banned, no second chances allowed here. (we have logs about anything happening in the server)
No cheating! Using a modded client will get you banned if we find out or if the anti cheat catches you, same goes for xray resourcepacks, don't try!
Be nice! We don't want toxic people on the server, it's really simple just don't be a dick.

If you got banned and you feel it wasn't fair then submit a thread in the support section with the title "Ban Appeal - username here" example: Ban Appeal - admin"

Use the following template aswell:

MC Name:
Ban Reason:
Your explanation:
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